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We are having a slow ride to Pago Pago, America Samoa, so we thought it was a good time to add “frequently ask questions” to our blog.   These are the questions we are often asked:

Question:  Aren’t you concerned about pirates?
Kim responds:  There are no pirates in the South Pacific.  With their distinctive dress and speech, they would stand out like a sore thumb here.

Question:  Have you ever seen the “green flash?”
Kim responds:  The green flash is an atmospheric phenomenon which sometimes occurs at sundown in very clear conditions over the ocean.  No, we have never seen this.  We have met another cruiser who saw it although he admitted that he could have been impaired at the time.

Question:  What do you do at night?
Sharon responds:  We keep going.  At first, we rotated watch every three hours.   We then shifted to four hour watches.  We are now pretty much in synch with each other, so we wake the other person when we are really tired.  When Kim is on watch, he uses an egg timer to wake him up every ten minutes to check for traffic.   Sharon listens to loud rock  music on her Ipod.

Question:   Do you catch and eat a lot of fish?
Sharon responds:  To tell the truth, yesterday was the first time we have fished since leaving California.  We still have not caught anything.  However, we are good at making friends with cruisers who fish and take pity on us.  In addition, we go to pot luck dinners where other cruisers bring fish.

Question:  Where does Plato poop?
Plato responds:   Why are humans so fascinated with this topic?  If you must know, I prefer the starboard foredeck.  Occasionally, for laughs, I go on the port side.  I have perfected a technique of going while lying down during rough seas.

Question:  What is your final destination?
We are taking the trip one big step at a time.  Tahiti was our first goal where we decided to continue cruising.   New Zealand is our current goal.  We will stay there for six months and decide whether to keep cruising or bring the boat home.

Question:   Have you considered circumnavigating?
Kim responds:  Yes, we will consider that option.  However, there are real pirates in the Indian Ocean which is giving everyone second thoughts.  One option is to ship the boat to the Mediterranean and fly over the pirates.

Question:  What do you miss most?
Sharon:  Family, friends, hot baths, NPR, and American style breakfasts.
Kim:  Family, friends, and someone who fixes my boat for me.
Plato:  Land

s/v Georgia J, motor sailing at position 13 25.4 s 165 40.3 w at 21:44 UTC on 8/18/11  Course 247 T  Speed 6.0 knts

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